side effects of Letrozole

Femara also known as Letrozole is a type of drug use by the doctor to threat their cancer patients especially women after the menopause time or year. This is a drug to threat women with breast cancer. This drug use to avoid cancer cell to return to your body. Letrozole use by the doctor after the cancer surgery to kill all the cancer cells left on the patient body. Normally, cancer were produced long with the estrogen hormone on our body but it will be dangerous if it keep grow and uncontrolled. Letrozole is use to decrease the chance of our body to produce estrogen hormone higher than our body needs but you should becareful with side effects of Letrozole to your body.

Although letrozole was approved by the FDA, Food and Drugs administration as a save medicine for breast cancer treatment, it does not mean that we do not need to worry to the side effects of Letrozole. From their medical observation, they said that Letrozol is safe for women on the menopause years but they also said that this medicine can cause osteoporosis if you use it on the long time and this drug is expensive so not all people can receive this drug treatment after cancer surgery.

Letrozole also call as anti-estrogen medicine because this medicine reduces the estrogen production in our body. The people who work in the chemical science world said that letrozole can delay the increase plates and they have tested it on the mouse in the lab. It is always better for us to prevent the disease rather than go to doctor to get a medicine. It is not about the money because health is expensive. It is better for us to avoid any drugs treatment. We know the side effects of letrozole and it is weird if we still want to take this drug treatment and put this medicine into our body.